Career start at BPW

Career start at BPW

Education helps people achieve their potential. That’s why BPW works particularly hard to ensure that employees, new entrants and the youngest in our society have access to it. The company offers a wide range of services to help them secure professional prospects and continue their personal development. These range from the ‘Start’ programme for young people with gaps in their education to a political education series for trainees.

For 120 years, BPW has embodied real passion for the world of transport and developing innovations. In that time, the company has evolved from a leading axle and running gear supplier into an innovative trendsetter in the commercial vehicle industry.

This could not have happened without the motivated and committed people that work at the company. It is thanks to them that BPW is actively helping to shape developments in the transport and logistics industry. Many have already worked at BPW for years and feel very comfortable as a result – regular independent surveys confirm their exceptionally strong sense of loyalty. Employees particularly value the company culture in which fairness, trust and social responsibility are firmly entrenched.

As an employer, BPW takes responsibility for its employees across the board and provides them with long-term support tailored to their individual needs. Experienced talent receives just as much encouragement as young professionals starting their careers – currently, 115 of the company’s 1,600+ employees are trainees.

Success isn’t just about technology. It’s about attitude. Integrity and innovation are among the values that BPW consciously lives by as a family company. And they are key to the quality of all products and services – and the company’s future prospects.

Knowledge for young people

The BPW youth fund initiatives spark students’ interest in science and technology.
Career start at BPW

In order to make the so-called STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) accessible even to the youngest ones in the kindergartens of the region, the BPW youth fund founded the ' Research Kids on Tour' project. How can wind generate energy? How does water drive wheels? With these questions BPW trainees awaken the spirit of research and the interest in STEM professions even in the youngest children. The association has been working to support children and young people aged 25 and under in the Oberberg region for over 17 years. It supports intellectually gifted young people as well as those with special needs. The association, funded by donations and member contributions, enables individual assistance: it connects them with the right contact person, covers healthcare costs or organises specific support for particularly strong students in their chosen field of interest.

The BPW youth fund also provides support beyond the kindergarten itself, so two schools are partner of the association: at so-called expert days high-performing pupils of all grades of the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gymnasium went on a scientific excursion in July 2018. At the TOB secondary school in Wiehl, a new initiative promoting an interest in STEM among primary school pupils was also set up in partnership with the association: ninth-grade pupils run a project day there with scientific experiments for inquisitive fourth-graders.

Preparing for the world of work

With the ‘No Graduation without Continuation’ (‘KAoA’) initiative, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia aims to ease young people’s transition from school to work and prepare them for their chosen career path. BPW is involved: around 240 students in the eighth grade and above visited the company in May 2018. In workshops, they had the opportunity to discover traineeship careers such as industrial mechanic or electronics technician and see which strengths they possess that are needed for technical professions. BPW trainees were on hand to answer all their questions. For four years, the ‘KAoA’ initiative has been an integral part of a holistic and sustainable approach to education which follows the philosophy of taking responsibility as a business and investing more in training young people.

Seit 120 Jahren verkörpert BPW echte Leidenschaft für die Transportwelt und für die Entwicklung von Innovationen. In dieser Zeit hat sich das Unternehmen vom führenden Zulieferer für Achsen und Fahrwerke zu einem innovativen Impulsgeber der Nutzfahrzeugindustrie gewandelt. Das war nur möglich dank der motivierten und engagierten Menschen, die im Unternehmen tätig sind. Durch sie gestaltet BPW die Entwicklungen der Transport- und Logistikbranche aktiv mit.

Viele von ihnen arbeiten bereits seit Jahren bei BPW und fühlen sich damit sehr wohl: Regelmäßig bestätigen unabhängige Befragungen ihre außerordentlich stark ausgeprägte Loyalität. Die Angestellten schätzen vor allem die Unternehmenskultur, in der Fairness, Vertrauen und soziale Verantwortung fest verankert sind.

Als Arbeitgeber übernimmt BPW ganzheitlich Verantwortung für seine Mitarbeiter und unterstützt sie individuell, bedarfsgerecht und langfristig. Erfahrene Talente werden genauso gefördert wie der Nachwuchs, der gerade in den Beruf startet: Unter den mehr als 1.600 Mitarbeitern sind derzeit 115 junge Menschen in Ausbildung.

Erfolg ist nicht allein eine Frage der Technik, sondern auch eine Frage der Haltung. Integrität und Innovation gehören zu den Werten, die BPW als Familienunternehmen ganz bewusst lebt. Und sie sind entscheidende Faktoren für die Qualität aller Produkte und Dienstleistungen – und damit für die Zukunftsfähigkeit des Unternehmens