There is nothing more important than physical and mental wellbeing, as only those who are healthy can reach their full potential – personally as well as professionally. BPW offers its employees the opportunity to learn about healthy living and staying fit and strong. This is complemented by exercise, relaxation and medical prevention services.

Active prevention

Exercise, relaxation, good nutrition and social counselling services are the four cornerstones of BPW’s company health management programme. With an extensive range of services, help is available for everyone who wants to prevent ill health and keep fit and strong – for their professional and private lives.

The programme includes sports such as badminton, running and yoga. In the company’s own sports facility in Wiehl, the BPW AktivTreff, employees can improve their strength, stamina and balance. 150 members currently take advantage of the health management services. The health-oriented training takes place under professional guidance.

In company physician Dr Gunnar Heymer, the company has its own medical expert who offers active preventive care, including skin screening, colon cancer prevention services and a health check-up. Seminars share information on shift work and additional health-related issues. Employees receive individual advice on ergonomics at their workplace.

If employees become seriously ill and are away from work for a long period of time, reintegration management helps them in their return to everyday working life. Parents also receive intensive support – to help them enjoy a good work/life balance, BPW works with a network of childminders, among other initiatives.

Trained first aiders

314 BPW employees are trained first aiders. They work in the company’s commercial and industrial divisions and are on hand in an emergency. The Johanniter organisation trains first aiders – in 2017, 11 training courses were carried out. 150 first aiders also took part in the refresher training held every two years. The company doctor regularly checks and fills the company’s first aid boxes.

Prevention and immunisation

AktivTreff members receive personalised exercise plans.

The occupational health department run by company physician Dr Gunnar Heymer and his team offers numerous services for the treatment and prevention of accidents and illness. This includes a regular free immunisation check with advice and the ability to refresh immunisation against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and measles. In 2017, 58 BPW employees also took advantage of the flu jab. It not only protects against the pathogens in the vaccine, but also increases the body’s general readiness to fight infection.

‘Live better’ campaign

The six-month intensive ‘Lose weight healthily and live better’ course teaches BPW employees how to shift extra pounds for good. Participants learn how to cook light, nutritious meals quickly and easily and how to get and stay motivated to exercise. The first two rounds of the weight loss programme supported by BPW enjoyed considerable success, with the 12 participants losing a total of 79 kg during the past year. In the second round, which ended with nine participants in spring 2018, 44 kg were lost – and lots of quality of life was gained. The programme is currently beginning its third round.

Preventing accidents

Zero accidents in the workplace is BPW’s stated goal. An initiative of that name was launched in 2016 in order to significantly reduce the number of reportable accidents and limit it over the long term. Numerous preventative measures are aimed at achieving this, including training 120 management staff to increase their focus on safety at work. In the commercial departments, several tours take place every month where employees and management enter into a dialogue on working safely. Trainees are also involved as important disseminators. The number of voluntary safety officers was also increased.

The number of reportable accidents increased from 35 in 2016 to 41 in 2017. Intensive seminars with management staff from production, the works council, the personnel department and safety staff were initiated as a result. Communication regarding risks at work, safe conduct and individual health were key points. These resulted in discussion guidelines for management staff and the decision to train another occupational safety officer in 2018 to advise and support BPW management staff in the ‘Zero accidents’ initiative and fulfilling the wide range of legal requirements.