Global Compact

Global Compact

BPW has already been starting successful initiatives for the protection of the environment and resources, secure and humane working conditions and good company management for generations. This also involves integrity and transparency towards our business partners, employees and interested members of the public. This is why BPW joined the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest and most important initiative for responsible business management, in 2016. BPW implements its ten principles accordingly. From integrity in practice to global compliance – BPW has initiated the development of a concept in which the principles and rules of good business management are restructured, specified and introduced worldwide with employees and partners.

Principle 1

Companies should support and ensure the protection of global human rights.

As a German company, BPW is committed to the European system of values as well as to its social and societal responsibility. The protection of human freedom, safety and health are the basis of the management guidelines and code of conduct at BPW. These are binding for all employees of BPW Bergische Achsen KG.

Principle 2

Companies must ensure that they do not contribute to human rights violations.

BPW obliges its business partners to observe comprehensive quality specifications. These include traceability across all business processes, environmental standards and national and international legal provisions, including the protection of human rights. The company’s main sources for the procurement of raw materials and commercial goods are located in Germany and Europe.

Principle 3

Companies should safeguard the freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

BPW is expressly committed to co-determination and supports employee and trade union representation. BPW also actively supports political and social education, particularly for trainees and new entrants.

Principle 4

Companies should support the elimination of all forms of forced labour.

Qualified and motivated staff are the foundation of BPW’s long-term success. That is why BPW sets great store by good, secure working conditions and long-term prospects for all employees wherever possible – preferably in permanent employment.

Principle 5

Companies should support the eradication of child labour.

As a family business, BPW cares particularly about child protection. BPW obliges suppliers, service providers and their sub-suppliers to comply with international legal provisions – including, of course, child protection.

Principle 6

Companies should support the eradication of discrimination in recruitment and employment.

BPW does not tolerate any form of discrimination. All employees – irrespective of gender, age, skin colour, culture, ethnic background, sexual identity, physical condition, religious affiliation or ideology – are treated equally. Globally recognised human rights are respected. These principles are comprehensively addressed by the BPW code of conduct.

Principle 7

Companies should follow the precautionary principle when dealing with environmental issues.

BPW is committed to protecting the environment and using resources and energy carefully in all business activities. Accordingly, BPW operates an energy and environmental management system certified in accordance with international standards and is always developing its commitment in this regard. Suppliers are also selected in accordance with these principles and undergo regular audits.

Principle 8

Companies should take measures to promote increased environmental awareness.

As well as its own research and development activities, BPW is also committed to promoting the acceptance and spread of e-mobility and technologies which protect resources and the environment in the transport and logistics industry and supports flagship projects in these areas.

Principle 9

Companies should accelerate the development and spread of environmentally-friendly technologies.

All of BPW’s products, innovations and research and development activities are essentially aimed at improving the efficiency of logistics and transport processes. These include groundbreaking innovations in e-mobility, noise reduction, lightweight construction and digitally connected transport.

Principle 10

Companies should advocate against all kinds of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

Lawful, honest and responsible conduct, freedom from discrimination and combating corruption are comprehensively addressed at BPW through its work regulations. BPW binds its suppliers and business partners accordingly. In addition, BPW runs a compliance organisation which calls on all BPW employees to act lawfully.